Letting Others Win Without Losing By Celebrating Others

(🧠 Mindset Mini-Stories #2 🧠)

You are striving to get a rewarding opportunity. Despite everything you are doing, someone else seems to be doing a better job than you. In the end, they end up getting the opportunity instead of you. You’ve lost. Right?

Technically, yes. But you don’t have to feel bad about it. Imagine being able to feel the same amount of happiness as the person who got the opportunity. That would be great, right? And yet, it’s 100% possible to do.

By Ambreen Hasan on Unsplash.com

What Is Celebrating Others

It’s a pretty self-explanatory idea; celebrate others’ achievements. Whenever someone achieves something, congratulate them, talk about what they did to other people.

Why Should You Celebrate Others

It not only makes them feel even better than they did. But if you mean what you say, it also makes you feel happier! And in the worst-case scenario, where you are still jealous of this person. Celebrate them still! After a few times, you’ll start to mean what you say.

How To Celebrate Others

At the most basic level, you go personally congratulate them for what they’ve done. But you can go a few levels higher.

In TKS (A human accelerator program for teens 13–17), we have a channel dedicated to celebrating others called #allstars. Whenever someone other than you does something unique or outstanding, you announce it to the whole chat! You’ve now let everyone know about it, and whoever did something feels great!

Another option is to talk about it with other people. For example when my older brother beat me in a video game competition, I talked about it. My whole family knew about it! That makes whoever your celebrating feel great, imagine being so important other people talk about you! That’s how it feels.

Doesn’t This Break Competition?

Nope! You can still compete and be happy for others when they win. Instead of being jealous of what they’ve done, be happy for them, try and learn from what they did and how.

Be Patient

Not everyone is going to be celebrating others, and that’s fine. It might be a bit annoying in the beginning if you talk about what they’ve done, and then they start bragging about their achievements. But that’s fine! That’s the point of this. It makes them feel good. So be patient.

Celebrating others is a potent tool. It’s a win-win for everyone, they feel good about their achievements, and you feel good about being nice! Try implementing this in your life. Whenever someone does anything remarkable, celebrate it! You’ll realize the effect when you do.

Hey! Thanks for reading the whole article 📰, kind of short, but that’s the point! This is the second article in my Mindset Mini-Stories series, where you can quickly learn about a mindset in 5 minutes or less. Hopefully, you gained value from this article! Make sure to 👏 this article & subscribe to my medium account to be notified when I publish another one! See you soon! 👋




Hi! I'm Nicolas! A 15-year-old game designer & maker. I build things and write about them!

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Nicolas Gatien

Nicolas Gatien

Hi! I'm Nicolas! A 15-year-old game designer & maker. I build things and write about them!

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